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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Demonic Temple - Through the Stars into the Abyss

Now this is an absolute monster of a record from the storied Polish scene. Demonic Temple are a one of a kind underground force who understand the demonic power of this scene better than almost any other. Their sound is ominous and scary, full of eerie synths, blasting drums and blazing guitars that come together to make something that defies sanity and forces listeners to question why they ever might have had hope in the first place. this is twisted black metal at its finest, oppressive, gloriously nihilistic and brutal. 

Through The Stars Into The Abyss impresses because of its ability to conjure up tthe old gods. This is black metal that draws fully from the second wave and which is unashamed in its atavistic tendencies. This is a record that seeks to prove once more the demented supremacy of the Polish scene, and across four songs and an intro, Demonic temple manage to prove that they are among the best to do it. This is one of the most wonderfully despairing black metal records that I have heard in a long time and that really marked me. It's rare you hear a band who really approach things with this level of misery but here we are. 

Demonic Temple have gone above and beyond on this record to drag listeners with them straight into hell. It's such a delight to really immerse yourself in a record as dark and despairing as this one. Through The Stars Into The Abyss is really a terrifying monster of a release and the more time I spend lapping up the blood it represents the more I realize just how fucked up this band is. It's a black metal fans black metal record, one that is impenetrable to those outside the genre, but for a devout few, it's solid gold.

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