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Friday, October 29, 2021

Goat Torment - Forked Tongues

Now this is a sick one. Goat Torment have been slugging it out in the global black metal scene for over a decade now, but this latest record, Forked Tongues feels like its on a different level. This is a band who have conjured up a demonic offering that will terrify listeners and leave them gasping for air. It's black metal done right, with a healthy respect for the tropes and which consistently seems to evoke darker levels of insanity. Forked Tongues impresses in a variety of aspects, but its teeth gnashing insanity seems to be what pushes it over the limit. 

It's hard not to be enamored with the willingness of Goat Torment to dive in and writhe in the murk. The twisted vision that decorates a track like 'Ravenous Ghouls' speaks to a band whose commitment to the underground is blasphemy on a whole different level. Forked Tongues stuns because of its ability to conjure up ever darker pastures and leave listeners gasping for air. This is black metal done at a million miles an hour with the vision to leave you suffering. It has the rock and roll tropes that make some of the sickest black metal so fun and seems to consistently lean into the darker and more exciting bombast of the genre. 

Forked Tongues is a stomper any way you slice it. It's a record that sees Goat Torment pushing their sound to logical extremes and leaving you in awe of their willingness to carve out black metal blasphemies across nine bloodthirsty tracks. The monolithic crush of this record and its monochromatic hatred are a delight to let yourself get really immersed in and it's hard not to be enchanted with the bands ability to keep you lost in their sonic Tartarus where the only way out seems to be pressing pause. But if you're like me... you just can't.

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