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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Bastardur - Satan's Loss Of Son

A member of Solstafir has a crust side project? Yeah. I wouldn't have expected this either. But here we are. The pandemic may have taken a lot from us, but it also gives us stuff like this amazing side project, the brainchild of Solstafirs Adalbjorn Trggvason in collaboration with Birgir Jonsson of Dimma and guest spots from a litany of masterful musicians including Marc Grewe and Alan Averill. Their debut Satan's Loss Of Son is a very fun and high powered offering that drives listeners to madness with fierce blasts and twisted vocals. 

There is a strange charm to the grinding power of this band and the back to the basics punk rock of this record. Tracks like "Burn" nicely encapsulate what the band is all about with its fun solos and energetic rhythms forcing listeners into movement. It's a chaotic and strangely delightful offering that just sees some of the undergrounds favorite dudes having a good time together as they guide us through a tour de force of classic crust tropes. That being said, there are moments where you can sense other influences, like the almost post rock frills on "The Whispering Beast". This is a punk record like few others, one that sees guys not normally associated with this scene coming together to unleash something truly exciting which nicely reflects upon the origins of many involved. 

Satan's Loss Of Son is a masterful debut and one that will leave underground fans hoping for more in the near future. Bastardur have proven that they can hang with the best with them and offerings like "Black Flag Fools" nicely showcase that they can have a blast while doing it. This is high powered and rabid crust punk to fuel the savage beast within us all. Press play and let yourself get carried back to the basement. Bastardur are crafting exactly the sort of DIY magic that we all need in order to get through the final stages of pandemic life. 

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