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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Vaticinal Rites - S/T


Yeah this one is a crusher. The whole New Wave Of British Death Metal thing might appear contrived at first glance, but bands like Vaticinal Rites prove that this is no joke. This is death metal done with punishing grooves and an emphasis on gut crushing caveman stomps This is what death metal is supposed to be, mean, twisted and here to grind your bones to dust. The punishing rhythms of this band will have you moshing around the room, dragging your knuckles on the floor and screaming at a God who failed us all. 

Vaticinal Rites impresses, because even though it's only three tracks, we immediately get a sense of exactly who this band are. They wear their influences on their collective sleeve, worshiping the HM2 pedal and bands like Morbid Angel and Discarnate. The chunky riffs on tracks like "Flesh Portal" (Also how fuckin' sick of a song name is that? Fuckin' "Flesh Portal") perfectly encapsulate the high powered, emotionally crushing brand of death metal that Vaticinal Rites seek to portray. When you stomp to this band it's clear that they are building on classic tropes. But those classic tropes are sick, so it makes sense we would pay heed to them. 

Grab this EP when it drops on Redefining Darkness on November 12th because its just the first taste of what promises to be a death metal band for the ages. There is a crushing hate that defines these guys that you're not going to soon forget. Vaticinal Rites is a terrifying record and one that feels like just the taste of torment to come. Immersing yourself in this uniquely British brand of hate and experiencing the crushing oppression of their latest offering is guaranteed to leave you moshing, excited for more and gurgling on the flesh of the innocent. 

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