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Monday, November 15, 2021

Apostle Of Solitude - Until The Darkness Goes

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Apostle Of Solitude are the doom metal undergrounds best kept secret, and they fuckin' rule. For fans of Pallbearer, and their ilk of melodic doom there are few bands who can really compare to what Apostle Of Solitude are doing. Their more traditionally inclined take on the genre is bombastic and thrilling, a testament to doom metal done right, and at a million decibels. Until The Darkness Goes is a stunner of a record and one that I think underground fans are going to find relentlessly fascinating. 

The power of Apostle Of Solitude comes in their deep understanding of crafting crushing minor key melodies. The lyricism of the guitar playing, when counterbalanced with some truly stellar vocal performances is almost without peer. They really get what it means to craft sounds that will drag you down to hell, but across the most luscious soundscapes possible. There is something larger than life to the bombast of this latest record, it's a huge step for the band that show their compositional brilliance has only grown over the pandemic. Losing yourself in these beautiful and crushing guitars is utterly mesmerizing and infinitely rewarding .

Apostle Of Solitude have gone above and beyond on Until The Darkness Goes to show that they are among the best to be doing it right now. This is a monster of a record and one that I think can't help but to impress. Until The Darkness Goes is a record that I for one will be coming back too again and again. It shows us a band with a deep understanding of the genre executing at the highest possible level. There's not much more you could ask for from a band than that, and Apostle Of Solitude motherfucking deliver. 

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