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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Eye Flys - Exigent Circumstance

Philadelphia's favorite noise rock freaks are back! Eye Flys are a one of a kind force in the scene featuring members of Full Of Hell, Backslider and Triac. Their take on the genre is simply crushing, featuring sludgy rhythms, bottom scraping vocals and triumphant grooves. There is a clarity of vision behind the murky sound of their new EP, Exigent Circumstance that will leave you in awe of the crushing heaviness and dedication to bizarro explorations that define this EP. It's a record that hits on the tropes of the genre whilst simultaneously pushing the band forward. 

It's such a delight to lose yourself in the stripped back mix. The punishing riffs on a track like "Circular Motion" are addictive and speak to a band whose dedication to volume is certain to keep fans of the underground coming back, ever more impressed with the heaviness and passion that helps to craft what Eye Flys are all about. This is a record that builds on so many legendary ideas and thrilling visions of a demented future that immersing in its four songs can't help but to leave you in terror. With basically infinite replayability and a demented sense of style, Exigent Circumstance is a stunner for a doomed generation.

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