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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Cynic - Ascension Codes

Cynic are back after seven years and one of their most impressive efforts to date Kindly Bent To Free Us. Ascension Codes may very well be the end of Cynics amazing career, especially after multiple members passed away during the pandemic. This new record though is something else. IT builds on all the band has been doing for years now and speaks to their ability to craft soaring jazz metal that captures the imagination. The vision and scope behind their new offering is impressive and puts their legion of imitators to shame. 

It's such a delight to immerse yourself in the endless shredding magic of Ascension Codes. While this is perhaps a less emotive record than most of their previous material, its also perhaps their most technically impressive. There are so many layers you can let yourself get lost in and feast upon. There is a very real magic to tracks like "Elements And Their Inhabitants" and plenty of classic Cynic tropes shine forth here, from the guitar tone to the vocal hooks that help to make them special. It proves once more that Cynic are a band who are not to be trifled with and who continually seem to uncover bold new twists and turns. 

Join me in getting lost in Ascension Codes. The band has found a way to really push themselves to the limit on this release and it makes for an interesting new exploration of the sound. Cynic have positioned themselves as a one of a kind force in the underground for years now and this latest offering simply amplifies that. This is truly a band without peer and when they really let themselves let loose as they do on this record, it becomes clear their legend will never die as long as we are all ready to get lost in jazz metal. 

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