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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Opera Diabolicus - Death On A Pale Horse

The idea of the 'Metal Opera' has always been interesting to me. Obviously it has been attempted with varying degrees of success. But broadly speaking, the idea of having epic and symphonic metal that tells grandiose stories with multiple voices is a tricky one to pull off. So much so that most attempts to do so either become the same old symphonic metal we've been hearing since Nightwish or records that by no means live up to the ambition of their conception. Death On A Pale Horse is an ambitious record - but one that absolutely nails it.

What makes this record great isn't just the stellar production and creative use of sounds across the board, but the overarching magic of a record that seems larger than life. With obvious King Diamond-isms (And collaborations from a few members of King Diamond!), classical flourishes and bombastic compositions, Death On A Pale Horse rapidly manages to separate itself as a truly excellent record that leans into its most over the top elements and forces listeners into unholy motion, worshiping at the twisted altar of sound that Opera Diabolicus have managed to conjure up on their excellent sophomore album. 

Death On A Pale Horse is a stunner any way you slice it. This is a record that leans into some of the most exciting and absurd parts of the metal world and delivers them with aplomb. This is horror metal done right, full of devilish twists and turns and an overarching sense that if you look too deep into the vortex you might lose yourself into the nightmare. Opera Diabolicus manage to stun on this one. Time to immerse yourself in the madness and get ready to experience a whole new level of heavy metal torment.

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