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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Abraham - Debris De Mondes Perdus


The Swiss underground has fascinated me for a while. There are so many rare treasures coming out of the scene, and fan favorite Pelagic Records seems committed to capturing as many of them as possible. Such is the case with Abraham whose new record Debris De Mondes Perdus is a passionate and explosive offering that captures the imagination with multi-layered compositions that continually impress and speak to a band who are capable of crafting gloriously loud and triumphant offerings that build on the framework that Neurosis built for us. 

Debris De Mondes Perdus is a stunner any way you slice it. It's a record that feels organic and powerful, reveling in layered post metal magic and forcing listeners to really embrace the emotional girth of what's being done here. Abraham continually impress because of the vision that they bring to the table. There is a weird blend of DIY-isms alongside more sophisticated metal songwriting. The end result is a record that leaves listeners in awe, excited for what's coming next and thrilled to really let themselves get lost in the monolithic monochromatic waves of sound. It's building on a classic sound that has left so many of us in awe for so long. 

Abraham have truly gone above and beyond on this offering. It's a record that I think DIY devotees are going to find themselves regularly returning too with a sense of scope and vision that can't help but to impress. Debris De Mondes Perdus is a thrilling rallying cry for the band and one that show their impressive talents being executed at the highest degree. For post metal fans, this is a must listen, a record that speaks to a prodigous level of talent and which should not be soon forgotten. These guys are going places, and you don't want to miss it. 

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