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Monday, December 13, 2021

Ereb Altor - Vargtimman

Ereb Altor is one of those bands who I feel had a late period renaissance in their career. Ever since 2019's masterful Jartecken the bands unique breed of Bathory-worshiping epic viking metal has started to reach a brand new level. Vargtimman is simply the next step on that journey, takingl listeners on a journey across the forests and the fjords as they unveil a truly masterful set of blackened offerings that splay out in a display of crushing viking might that few of the bands peers could ever match. The end result is a mind warping and potent offering. 

The epic nature of the music fused with the brilliant arrangements makes for an album tthat you just want to keep coming back too. In particular the vocal performances on this album, and the way that they decorate songs like "Ner I Morket" is truly exceptional. It speaks to the kind of performers that Ereb Altor are and their ability to craft deeply emotional works. In fact I might even say that Vargtimman is some of the mot emotional work of their career. It's a record full of bold ministrations, a clear vision and a passion to keep evolving that so many of the bands peers can only gawk at. Being able to do all this while staying true to their Bathroy influenced core is all the more impressive.

So yeah - this is a special and interesting record. Vargtimman sees the band pushing their sound ever forward with stronger writing and more emotion than ever before. This is a record that is at times aggressively atavistic, but that's a crucial part of the appeal. Vargtimman sees Ereb Altor really leaning into the classic black metal magic that makes them so special but which continually also manages to step up the game and uncover bold new visions for a dark black metal future. Join them on their journey, this is viking metal the way Quorthon intended.

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