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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Antiq - Les Retranchement

At this point most of us know that the French are among the worlds masters of post black metal. On some level they invented the genre. Yet it was Silhouette's use of DSBM influences that really intrigued me in their take on the genre - not their national origin. They unleash a level of brutality rarely heard in this scene and the crushing assault that counterbalances dreamy moments of shoegazing poetry makes for a really dynamic and interesting listen. While the execution at times is a bit choppy, this is a very interesting listen, that skillfully distills a wide range of influences. 

Les Retranchement thrills listeners with the clarity of vision behind what they offer. This is a release that dances around all sorts of twisted ideas in the underground. These songs are veritable anthems that capture the imagination with their poetic execution and the dance between dark and light. While yes, this can at times feel very heavy handed, as a general rule, Silhouette do an excellent job of proving to listeners that their one of a kind brand of black metal finds power all across the spectrum, making for compelling listening from a band who seem committed to pushing themselves as far as they can and unveiling the beauty of outer worlds. 

Silhouette have done something exciting here and it seems like this is just a rallying cry for them. There are so many cool layers to this sort of music and so much that could still be done within the overarching vision of the band. Les Retranchement is a stunner any way you slice it and I simply love letting myself get immersed in these seven tracks with their interlocking layers and the beauty of their vision. This is just another step in black metals weird sonic journey, and joining Silhouette on this path is guaranteed to be interesting.

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