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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Drippers - Scandinavian Thunder


Man I love me some good old fashioned Scandirock. Such is the magic of The Drippers, a band who unite both classic Scandinavian rock influences and the work of sixties protopunk acts into one unified party that is impossible to turn down. This is heavy rock done right, fast, furious and with a whole lot of grit. Their latest offering, Scandinavian Thunder is a high powered offering full of fun riffs and flashy solos, exactly the panacea any headbanger needs for a Wednesday where the skies are grey and life seems like it will be cold forever. 

It's such a joy to really let these tracks was hover you. The full throated battle cry that kicks off a track like "Overload" perfectly addresses the level of energy that The Drippers bring to the table here and the sense of glee that they bring to their heavy riffing assault. The classic vibes of these tracks are easy to get lost in and really speak to a different era of rock and roll. It's such a blast to turn this one all the way up and just shout along to the big choruses and smile at the pleasure the band clearly gets from their music up and down the record. 

At the end of the day, Scandinavian Thunder may at times suffer from less than perfect execution or slightly questionable production choices, but as a general rule this record is a banger. The few moments where the quality does slip a little bit honestly only really ads to the vintage magic of this band and all that they have conjured up. The Drippers have managed to execute one hell of a record and I'm curious to hear more from these proud Scandirockers. Letting yourself embrace the high powered magic is a delight. You gotta listen.

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