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Friday, December 31, 2021

Caestus - The Undoers Key

This is a vicious one, a Finnish black metal record that doesn't feel the need to commit to the tropes of the genre as hard as many of the bands more 'trve' peers. Instead Caestus's latest offering, The Undoer's Key is a black metal record that gets to the frigid heart of the genre, reveling in the darkness and encouraging listeners to delve ever deeper into their unique brand of blasphemy. This is black metal for the underground devotee who is endlessly excited to experience new layers of hate and misery as they examine our modern hellscape. 

The Undoer's Key thrills because of the bombast of the execution here and the bands willingness to delve ever deeper into their twisted underground fantasy. The bleak outlook that they paint on tracks like "Pariah's Crown" really speaks to the bands aesthetic. This is black metal that understands the tropes of the genre and builds on them in a meaningful and exciting way. The waves of sound and blasting drums come together without using crutches of the genre like tremolo picking or keyboards, but instead focus on riffs and riffs alone. The tormented vocals and unrelenting rhythms are only icing on the cake as we start to embrace the darkness. 

So yeah - if you're looking for triumphant blasphemies and top notch black metal riffage from a brand new band whose debut only dropped last January, then look no further. This is the sound of a band who struggled through the pandemic and come out the other end more evil and twisted. The Undoer's Key is a wonderfully blackened offering to guide you through the final hours of another miserable year. Turn this beast all the way up and get ready for a new layer of madness as we gaze into the void that is 2022. Happy new year... I guess. 

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