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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Druadan Forest - Portal

V-Khaoz is one of the most prolific and interesting creators in the world of black metal right now. With a sprawling web of projects that cover a whole swathe of black metal subgenres his work is always worth getting a taste of. The latest offering to come from this singular musical mind is Portals a dark ambient record under his project Druadan Forest. Druadan Forest has always been more ambient focused than other projects he's done, but this record in particular takes the dark ambience to a whole new place, a phase I don't think he's fully fleshed out before. 

The music on Portals is largely reflective and extremely subdued. These are pieces meant to be played gently as you stare up at the ceiling reflecting on life, or even just trying to go to sleep. Almost more soundscapes than actual songs, it's a delight to really let yourself get immersed in the magic of what V-Khaoz has created here. It's ambient music for black metal devotees, fully aware of its own bleak imagery and dedicated to leaving listeners in awe of the darkness to come. These are eerie soul altering explorations that give listeners a chance to really sit down and think about their own internal realities and how they will execute on them. 

Portals is a masterful and dizzying record. It's an album that is really aware of its own breadth and which will give listeners a chance to really get swept away in the magic of what's been created here. Letting yourself really get immersed in the beauty is a unique experience which speaks to the internal darkness I think we all need to deal with. Give it a spin when it drops on January 28th, because it's exactrly the sort of introspective dungeon synth that I think a lot of us have been searchign for in the midst of yet another dark, COVID dominated winter. 

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