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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Crone Visions - Devour


Now this is a crusher. The new EP from Crone Visions, Devour is twenty minutes of doomed magic from the wilds of New Hampshire. The overwhelming and volume abusing devastation of this record is guaranteed to mesmerize devout listeners as they uncover the darkest components of a unique sound. Crone Visions have found a way to build on the classic doom tropes that have come to dominate the scene with something profoundly eerie, focusing not just on the esoteric but ongoing environmental struggles and threnodies for a fallen species. 

Devour may not be exactly reinventing the steel, but for fans of classic doom one can't do much better than this. This is doom metal done right, focusing on the emotional impact of the genre and the soaring crush and vision behind these offerings. There is a real sense of terror that fuels the vision of a track like "Wilt" and its ministrations are guaranteed to drag you down into hell with the band. This is retro-doom at its finest, full of massive hooks and riffs that just won't quit. Let yourself get taken away by the crush and fall in love.

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