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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Flagg - Cosmic Chaos Manifest

Man it feels like we've been doing a lot of Finnish black metal lately - but there's a reason for it. This stuff rules! Flagg is yet another entry in the pantheon, a band whose vision and transcendent fury speaks to a classic sound that drives ever further. This is Finnish black metal done right, reveling in its lust for blood and speaking to the magic of underground hatred. Cosmic Chaos Manifest is a stripped back and exciting listen that will keep devotees of Finnish black metal excited as they navigate monochromatic and synth padded compositions fueled by hate. 

The neverending blast of the drums on the title track is a prototypical example of just what this band gets up too. Counterbalancing eerie synths with classic black metal vibes there is a monstrous assault that drives this record forward. Immersing yourself in the burning hatred of these tracks is a delight and provides no small measure of absolution. The punitive rhythms and thrilling dynamics make for an offering that leaves listeners in awe as they gasp for air and revel in the twisted magic of a band who seem to constantly search for new ways to unleash madness and get listeners to lose themselves in the abyss. 

Cosmic Chaos Manifest is a masterful offering from Flagg. It's a record that is eager in its willingness to pay tribute to classic black metal and which seems to continually drive listeners deeper into Tartarus. This is black metal done right, with a heavy emphasis on the overarching atmosphere rather than individual songs. Let yourself get washed away in the twisted abominations and you will quickly find yourself in a darker, harsher reality. One that few of the bands peers can compare too and which you won't want to leave.

Hear the first single!


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