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Friday, December 3, 2021

Mutterlein - Bring Down The Flags

Well this is a stunner. After five years of waiting the post-punk and industrial fueled black metal of Mutterlein makes its return with Bring Down The Flags. This is six tracks of genre breaking and endlessly creative black metal that is eager to draw in a whole host of other influences and help to amplify what the genre can be. While this is certainly a challenging listen it is also one that I think devotees of the genre are going to love exploring just because of their willingness to continue expanding on their initial sound and driving things forward. 

Bring Down The Flags is a masterful offering and one that I think really speaks to the bands ability as songwriters. The album closer, "Requiem" spills out over eleven minutes and is honestly the magnum opus of the band. It's incredibly ambitious but also well executed and speaking to their ability to really bring things forward. There is a vision behind this record that makes it really compelling stuff and which seems to really shine in the most exploratory moments, when the band is really embracing their post punk influences and leaning into the diverse elements that make them so exciting when you really get down to it. 

Losing yourself in Bring Down The Flags is a delight. This is a record that continually makes listeners adjust their expectations and which seems to have a bold vision for what the future of black metal could be. It's truly an engaging and interesting record whose driving industrial rhythms and gorgeous instrumentation and production put in a league of its own. A late candidate for album of the year lists, Mutterlein have managed to refine a stunner and will only see their star continue to rise if they keep putting out music like this! 

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