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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The Mist From The Mountains - Monumental - The Temple of Twilight

Now this one is a thriller. Emerging from the Finnish wastes, The Mist From The Mountains have found a truly exciting take on black metal that is bombastic and exciting. Building on the legacy of sonic forefathers like Borknagar or Kvist, their sound is the sound of the forest and the fjords, of getting lost in a wintersunset and appreciate the bleak glory of a winters night. This is Finnish black metal done right full of emotion and guaranteed to sweep you off your feet as you gaze ever further into the north embracing the frostbitten glory of this album. 

Monumental - The Temple Of Twilight is a thrilling offering that really trades on the epic arrangements and immaculate performances that make it special. The breadth of the execution here and the willingness to really push the boundaries in creating larger than live and transcendent music is truly thrilling. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the frostbitten bite of this band and their ability to really breathe new life in melodic black metal. When it comes down to it, Monumental - The Temple Of Twilight is just fun to listen too. It's a black metal nerds black metal record that will surely stand up to repeat listens as you gaze our your window upon a blizzard. 

This is a really fun record and one that I think underground fans are going to be mesmerized by. Monumental - The Temple Of Twilight is a record that eagerly leans into its black metal bonafides and which seems to continually ramp up the potency of what the band can do. There is a wonderful sense of darkness that fuels this record and the further I go into their creation the more I am impressed with what has been accomplished here. This is black metal transcendence free of post black metal niceties. Join me in embracing the dark.

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