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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Et Moriemur - Tamashii No Yama


Well this is an interesting one. Et Moriemur have been slugging it out in the underground for a while now, and their latest record, Tamashii No Yama sees them exploring Japanese themes and delving deep into the magic of atmospheric doom metal. By eagerly bringing in elements of death metal and black metal and fleshing things out with rich instrumentations including cellos, harps, violins and more, Et Moriemur have managed to really create a stunner here. This is a record that transcends expectations and hints at all that this band could be. 

This is a really emotional and potent record that leans into some of the darker sides of Et Moriemur's sound. It's an album that plumbs the depths of despair and speaks to the internal sorrow that all of us have to deal with. Exploring it in such a richly fleshed out atmospheric doom metal world though is really exciting and makes for a bombastic and exciting listening experience. Delving into the universe that Et Moriermur has crafted for us on this record is a privilege. When the record really clicks it turns into a masterwork. There are moments the formula chokes a bit, but as a general rule the execution on this record is wonderful. 

Tamashii No Yama is an impressive step forward for Et Moriemur and hints at what more this band can be. It's a record that forces listeners to really embrace a larger vision of what's possible and to fall in love with the transcendent darkness within. Et Moriemur have gone above and beyond on this release and it's a privilege to lose yourself in their amber waves of sound. Press play and let the volume wash over you, this is a band starting to unlock their full potential and in another few years time I suspect they will be unstoppable scene darlings. 

Pre-order the album!

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