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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Ectoplasma - Inferna Kabbalah

There's really something to be said for classic gut churning black metal. Ectoplasma is one such offering, a record that really leans into the most blasphemous and twisted sides of the genre, consistently impressing with the pointed nature of their compoisitions, totally in love with classic death metal. The latest record from Ectoplasma, Inferna Kabbalah is a perfect example of this, gloriously DIY in vibe and eager to lap up the blood if its enemies. If you're the kind of person who bends the knee to classic Cannibal Corpse or Autopsy then this is for you.

This is death metal done right, here to crack skulls and make listeners bend the knee in honor of the tormented vision that has made this such a compelling group since 2012. There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about the chainsaw guitars that shape tracks like "Gruesome Sacred Orgasms" (Also, that's one hell of a song title) and the way that they so nicely tap into the classic elements of the genre. While the execution is not always perfect, the general ideas guiding this thing forward are promising and speak to a band who understand their own bloodthirst, encouraging listeners to get ever deeper into the abyss and lap up the blood alongside these Hellenic masters. 

Inferna Kabbalah is a crusher any way you slice it, with its massive guitars, death defying tone and gutter scraping growls. There aren't a ton of death metal bands who grasp the magic of the undergroudn the way that Ectoplasma do and it's a dleight to hear them really unveil the darkness as they do her.e This is death metal that sounds evil aznd dark in a way that many of the bands more modern peers never could. By going into the past they come up with a new brand of darkness. So join me, dive on in. The blood is fine.

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