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Monday, January 3, 2022

Lunar Blood - Twilight Insurgency

Man this is a good way to start the week - some gloriously bloodthirsty Jersey death metal on the one and only Pulverised Records. While this may not be a particularly flashy or fancy release, it is a monster, an album that consistently goes above and beyond to prove that it is a bone crusher of a sort few of the bands peers can really live up too. This is death metal done right, determined to rip out your throat and eager to remind listeners that the deeper you delve into the pit the more you will be enamored with the blasphemies you find. 

Lunar Blood are clearly enamored with the HM-2 school of death metal and the more you pick it apart the more it becomes clear just how special this band is. They've really distilled Entombed worship down to the core and then brought in a swathe of other influences to keep things interesting. the end result is a death metal record that feels kind of timeless, that doesn't overstay its welcome and which is a worthy addition to the canon. Death metal has always been intended to grind bones to dust and make posers suffer. Lunar Blood understand that and deliver their unique brand of bloodlust with aplomb. It makes for compelling listening.

This is a record that sort of showcases all that Jersey death metal can be. It's a scene that has long been underrated and releases like this one seem determined to help lift it out of that abyss. There are some wonderfully sick growls on this thing and an overarching vision that is guaranteed to keep devotees of the underground coming back for more. If you want hectic, over the top and bone crunching death metal, then say no more. Twilight Insurgency is for you and it's going to choke you out. Get ready for the suffering to begin.

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