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Friday, January 28, 2022

Jesus Wept - Psychedelic Degeneracy

Yeah this is a sick one. Jesus Wept are a death metal band in the vein of Entombed, or if the clear tribute in the artwork didn't tip you off, Carcass. This is a metalheads metal band, full of flashy guitars, gorgeous tones and a crushing bottom end that makes the whole room vibrate when you turn it up loud enough. There's a very real magic to their new EP, Psychedelic Degeneracy. It's a record that goes straight for the throat and continually seems to find twisted new ways to succeed and force listeners to embrace the darkness within. 

Psychedelic Degeneracy impresses with the sheer amount of groove it brings to the table. Pared with the excellent production, songs like "Dispossession" become bonafide death metal stompers that are sure to get the pit going and nerds to go apeshit. It's death metal done right, thirsty for blood and eager to delve ever deeper into the inherent madness of the genre. As a side note - the vocalist is surprisingly talented, adding in blackened shrieks and some fierce gutturals to what is overall a wonderfully gnarly death growl. It makes for a record that reminds listeners there's still a lot of exciting death metal in the world worth getting lost in. 

Jesus Wept are crushers any way you slice it. They have a clear and profound understanding of death metal delivered at the highest level and are exactly the sort of band who deserve those much vaunted opening slots for Gatecreeper and other bands of that ilk. Full of HM-2 worship, angular riffs and guitar histrionics, this is a band with a deep appreciation for the classic aspects of the genre who are unrelenting in their dedication and thrilled to just go for the throat, beating you over the head with crushing riffs. Press play. 

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