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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Blood Incantation - Timewave Zero

I'm not going to lie. When I heard that Blood Incantation was going to be releasing a purely ambient record I definitely raised an eyebrow. It would be a pretty daring move for a band who made their bones on being progressive death metal masters, even if it wouldn't be entirely out of character. The end result with Timewave Zero is a record that is ambitious and exciting, a passionate, thought out release that is exciting to really sink your teeth into and which consistently speaks to the power this kind of music can have when done right. 

What really strikes me about Timewave Zero though is just how gloriously nerdy it is. Like - this is a very dorky record and one that in my eyes very much ties into the 70s prog tradition that Blood Incantation have so frequently called their own. It's not a record that their death metal devotee fans were expecting, but it's a monster goddamn release and one that I think fans of the underground are really going to connect with. It's a record that speaks to the power of synth music and in all of its darkly cinematic vision it's a delight to immerse yourself in. It hearkens back clearly to bands like Goblin, and it's a stunning addition to that sacred compendium. 

Timewave Zero is a stunning piece of art. It's a record that continually pushes towards new heights and speaks to a new sublevel of darkness that few of the bands peers I think have the courage to even attempt. Blood Incantation are a potent force any way you slice it, a thrilling band who have found a unique vision and continually build upon their past efforts. I'm curious to see if Blood Incantation go forward doing both death metal releases and more cinematic ones, or how they seek to balance (If at all) in the future. As is - this will go down as a daring and thrilling effort that will continually impress lovers of the underground. 

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