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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Meslamtaea - Weemoedsklanken

Now this is an interesting one. The Dutch metal scene has been cranking out a lot of really interesting, unique music in recent years, but even in that context Meslamtaea stand apart. Their new record Weemoedsklanken showcases just how special they are. It's got many of the traditional elements of a black metal record, but plenty of unorthodox surprises like saxophone and flugelhorn as well as a vocoder. The end result is a record that pulls deeply from the canon of bands like Ulver and Fleurety. It's black metal that pushes the boundaries of the genre. 

Weemoedsklanken is a masterful release in the sense that it brings together disparate elements and really speaks to the larger vision of what black metal can be. The off kilter guitar playing and willingness to include avant garde and jazz elements makes for a really compelling offering that will keep listeners digging ever deeper into the pit, thrilled at the blasphemous magic that Meslamtaea have managed to create here. Unlike many of their avant metal peers though they don't miss out on the aggression of the genre. There is still something here that feels evil, which is of course a key element to black metal being done right.

This offering is black metal done with an eye for the future. Weemoedsklanken builds on the lessons and success of the past for something greater. Meslamtaea have managed to conjure up dark images of a twisted sound that we can all delve into. Weemoedsklanken is perhaps most similar to offerings from fellow jazzy black metallers White Ward. It fits into a very specific saxophone fueled side of the genre, and the more you look to understand about it the more you're going to realize just how special this band and this movement are. 

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