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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Malefic Throne - S/T


Yeah ok this fuckin' rules. I think there's death metal and then there's DEATH METAL. Malefic Throne are confidently part of the second group. This is a record that goes for the throat, and though it's only four tracks gives you more than enough time to really get invested and drink from the blood. I've heard very few death metal debuts more auspicious than this one. But it makes sense, it's not every day you get Gene Palubicki, Steve Tucker, and John Longstreth on a record. In many ways this band is a perfect distillation of the sound of their core bands, Angelcorpse, Origin and of course Morbid Angel.

It's a death metal nerds death metal record, full of pungent blasts and unrelenting assault. This is a record that touches on so many core aspects of the genre and makes for something all the more compelling, twisted and addictive. On top of this - the guitar tone is just excellent. The delivery on tracks like "A New Hand Upon The Blade" with its angular playing and bone splitting drama is a delight to sink into and really helps to make this band just another gem in the crown of Hells Headbangers. It's death metal done right, full of hectic performances and guaranteed to send bodies flying up and down the mosh pits of the world. 

Malefic Throne is death metal done right, delivered at a million miles an hour and guaranteed to crush the skulls of posers across the globe. And you know it's done right, because it's crafted by the guys who shaped the genre. With glorious, classic seeming cover art and unrelenting rhythms, this is a record that from the first lets you know what it's all about. I need to see this beast live and the deeper you delve into the abyss the more it's going to be clear just how special Malefic Throne are and what they bring to the fore. 

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