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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Achelous - The Icewind Chronicles

When you see a record called The Icewind Chronicles you expect a very specific brand of metal. It's epic and powerful with a sense of bombast and also a tongue in cheek element that the band had better be aware of. Fortunately, Achelous deliver all of these things. Another fitting addition to the No Remorse Records roster, this album is a stunner any way you slice it, full of exciting and fun riffs, high power histrionics and a sense that heavy metal can in fact save the world if we just sit back and let it do its triumphant thing. 

Achelous are a thrilling band any way you slice it. There is a sense of high flying fun that defines their music and makes tracks like "The Crystal Shard" a blast to... well blast. There aren't too many surprises here but for those of us who want metal with a clear swords and sorcery theme then this is exactly what you'll be looking for, high power and fun music with a sense of magic that is going to keep you entranced and coming back for more. It's heavy metal magic at its finest, glorious and over the top, thrilled at it is own bombast and prone to capturing the imagination. While Achelous still need to polish their execution, for metalheads of all stripes there is a real sense of magic here. 

The Icewind Chronicles is a blast of very fun, slightly narmy heavy metal magic. It's metal for nerds made by nerds, who know exactly how weird they are. It's a delight to sink your teeth into all that the band has done here, and let yourself appreciate the old school fantasy vibes that shape this record. Achelous are a potent force, and if you're looking to delve deep into some of the best the storied Greek true metal scene has to offer then you aren't going to do much better than this band. They know what's up and are a pleasure to turn all the way to 11. 

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