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Friday, February 4, 2022

Order Of Nosferat - Nachtmusik

Order of Nosferat has rapidly claimed a place as one of my favorite bands in the black metal underground. This project is a collaboration of a few of my favorite musicians in the Purity Through Fire circle, featuring Anzillu and Count Revenant both of whom are involved in a whole bevy of underground black metal projects. Their last collaboration Nachtmusik sees them building on their unique brand of exciting and powerful vampiric black metal. This is music done in the grand old style, evil, bombastic and determine to capture the imagination. 

There are so many layers that make this such a rewarding listen. It's a record that perfectly fuses its synth elements in order to amplify the inner darkness but also which is not shy to lean into blasting fury and frostbitten riffs. The bands ability to touch on a variety of black metal tropes but distill them into a sound that feels classic and powerful is important. It's the sort of black metal that honestly falls exactly into my particular tastes, reminiscent of acts like Gallowbraid or even Evilfeast. It is a record that is going to keep you coming back in awe of the underground and curious to hear what more insanity that this band is going to conjure up. 

Nachtmusik is a masterful black metal threnody. It has all of the sorrow and hate required to make the genre effective but also taps into more twisted underground imagery and thought patterns. It's a delight to really let yourself get swept away by the darkness that defines this album, and it is another fitting addition to the Purity Through Fire pantheon. As is, the synth fueled magic gives this record a creepy 90s vibe, but the tormented black metal hatred keeps it raw, begging for your attention and forcing you to come to terms with your own blasphemy. 

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