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Friday, February 25, 2022

Cultic - Of Fire & Sorcery

Now this is an interesting one. Cultic is a Pennsylvania doom metal two piece who incorporate everything from gnarly death doom to thrilling dungeon synth into their sound. The end result is a truly exciting and interesting release, that makes up in spirit for what it lacks in production quality. For a very specific type of metal nerd, a type I happen to belong too, this record is a really special and one of a kind thing. Gloriously nerdy but also crushingly heavy, and one that is not to be missed. If you're the kind of person who understands this type of music and is in love with its slightly ridiculous vision, then this is going to be a thriller. 

Of Fire & Sorcery is certainly a record that is aware of its own nerdiness and which seems to eagerly lean into it at times. That being said, it's an absolute monster of an offering, a record that consistently pushes above and beyond, proving regularly that these guys understand so many of the weird niche aspects of creating truly great metal. It's a delight to get immersed in their sound and experience all that they have to offer. This is doom metal done right, with a clear vision towards the future and a passion for the underground that is going to keep devotees coming back, perpetually excited about an album that really gets what we are all about.  

Cultic have crafted a record that brings together a few potent nerdy aspects of heavy music into one overarching and exciting clear eyed vision. This is an album that goes above and beyond, consistently showcasing some very fun sides of the genre and proving just how special a band they are. It's a delight to really experience cosmic crushing heaviness on this level and to fall in love with a band who so clearly understand the power of the underground. This fusion of dungeon synth and death doom is a lot of fun - if you're into those things you're gonna want to dig in.

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