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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Extinguished - Vomitous Manifestations

Well this is sick. Caligari Records has always plumbed the depths of the underground for some of the sickest new music and Extinguished is a fitting addition to this blasphemous pantheon. Vomitous Manifestations is a thriller any way you slice it and its old school death metal derived blasphemy is exactly the sort of thing to get longhairs headbanging. This is death metal done right, with an appetite for destruction and a desire to crack skulls through thick and thin. When you blast Extinguished you are exposing yourself to the purest underground darkness. 

There is something twisted and appealing about the tormented vocals on a track like "Unforeseen Consequences" - it speaks to a band who understand their own misery and want to lay down a sonic assault of skull crushing riffs on all posers who might be foolish enough to press play. As for those of us who have been long since acclimatized to this most devilish of music, Extinguished have managed to prove they are a mind melting force in the genre who have elegantly taken so many of the old school brutal elements and transformed into their own, with dungeon basement production and everything else in tow. 

Extinguished are an absolutely skull cracking force and it's a delight to really get lost in their unforgiving realities. Vomitous Manifestations sees the band unleashing pure hatred and dragging you deep into the pits of hell with them. Extinguished have managed to consistently set themselves a head and shoulders above their peers, and though this is just an EP it's a very fun offering that any fan of late 1980s death metal is going to really get a kick out of. It just dropped today, so grab your copy and embrace the pure evil. 

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