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Monday, February 7, 2022

Endtime - Impending Doom

There is something to be said for sludge metal at its most oppressive. When you really feel yourself getting caught up in the darkn3ss and embracing the twisted burning wreckage that defines this music. Such is the power of Endtime whose debut Impending Doom is a doomed crusher for the ages. There is a very real sense of torment on this record that makes them a truly compelling act and one that I think fans of bands like Eyehategod are going to gravitate too for years to cone - they simply understand the formula on a fundamental level. 

This is one of those records that you turn all the way up and you start to see apocalypric  visions. You get a sense for the scope of what Endtime are addressing and the inherent evil of their sound. It's a record for well... the end of times, and Impending Doom stands as a stark warning for what's coming for us all. There's no way around it, just crushing heaviness to keep us suffering as we look for a way out of an increasingly hot, unequal world. This is sludge metal to leave you gasping for air, and wondering why god abandoned us. On tracks like "Cities On Fire With The Burning Flesh Of Men" Endtime's apocalyptic vision crystalizes and cracks skulls.

In short - if you're into this sort of thing, then you're going to love it, and if bands like Primitive Man are too heavy for you - then perhaps it's best to move on. As is - for those of us who are devout followers of the underground and obsessed with the dark, then this is going to be a rewarding listen and one that proves to be prophetic as we stare down the barrel of an uncertain future. Get lost in the madness and drink from the blood, Endtime is a one of a kind band and Impending Doom is a hell of a debut.

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