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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Kuolemanlaakso - Kuusumu

Kuolemanlaasko has been one of the hidden treasures Finnish doom scene since 2000. Their new record, Kuusumu is a stunning take on the genre full of bombast and emotional breadth. This is doom done right, full of devastating melodies, a massive bottom end and some stunning vocal work courtesy of legendary frontman Mikko Kotamaki who you may also know from Swallow The Sun. Kuusumu is an absolute crusher and a masterpiece of the genre. It's a record you can get lost in and one that consistently speaks to the power of the genre. 

After 8 years without a new album you would think that Kuolemanlaasko might have missed a beat, but that is assuredly not the case. On Kuusumu they consistently prove that they are among the best doing it today with a sound that is wonderfully executed, impressing with both the quality of the songwriting and the production. Tracks like "Pedon Vaisto" really speak to their ability as songwriters and it's a delight to really let the waves of riffs wash over you as you embrace a record that understands both heaviness and sonic beauty. 

At the end of the day, Kuusumu is a tour de force for Kuolemanlaasko and a sign of great things to come. This is a record that has consistently show just how good the band is and that neophytes to the genre need to be going back and digging into their sonic conjurations all over again. As is this is an impressive offering and one I think death doom fans the world over are going to fete. Uncover the darkness and experience the sorrow, Kuusumu is a death doom addicts death doom record and one that will be a part of the canon for years to come. 

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