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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Glemsel - Forfader

Danish black metal is uniquely powerful and in my opinion doesn't get nearly enough love. Fortunately Glemsel are looking to change that with a ferocious take on the genre that embraces both the emotional power of the genre and its sense of history. The end result is a thoughtful record that manages to be full of hate, but also reflect on years of history. Forfader is an emotional and triumphantly executed epic and an album that consistently pushes the band to bolder heights. This is black metal done right, going for the throat and proving Glemsel's excellence. 

Forfader excels in its blazing fury. The blasting drums and tremolo picked guitars make for a fitting backdrop for the band and hint at all that is to come. The raw energy that they harness is glorious and it really speaks to their excellence as composers. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the layers here and experience underground fury done right. It's full of demented life and the twisted vision that fuels it is glorious. The mix buries the vocals a bit, and that's part of the magic, the tormented screams can at times barely be pulled apart from the bleak melancholy of the instrumentation and the vision that Glemsel are starting to really push. 

This is a thrilling offering any way you slice it, and Vendetta Records has certainly found themselves a gem. Black metal is a surprisingly difficult genre to execute well but the bombast and vision that go into Forfader proves Glemsel have what it takes. It's a delight to let these waves of sound and dissonant hate wash over you. Join me in reveling in the darkness and coming to understand some of the bleaker components of a band that god forgot. When this album drops next month I think many will come to a new love for Danish black metal.

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