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Friday, February 18, 2022

Lords Of The Trident - The Offering

Well this is a fun one. Lords Of The Trident have been one of the US's premier power metal bands for over a decade now and have been darlings of the underground the entire time. While perhaps most famous for their dedication to their community, including organizing festivals, success with Patreon and generally being standup guys, their new album The Offering is a truly excellent... offering. A daring release for the band that sees them pushing their sound to a new level, The Offering speaks to all that US power metal can be. 

Bombastic and intricate, The Offering is Lords Of The Trident's first attempt at a concept record and broadly speaking it feels like a success. The tragedy that they outline is deeply interesting and wonderfully communicated with the breadth of their compositions. The execution on tracks like "Offering To The Void" is thrilling, full of dynamic playing and flashy solos. Meanwhile, the production, courtesy of Jacob Hansen, is top tier. It's clear he really pushed this band to a whole new level and has helped them realize their early promise. This is power metal done right, fully aware of its own majesty and eager to leave listeners in awe. 

The Offering is a thriller any way you slice it, and if you're the type to get excited about underground power metal magic then this is an album that is going to keep you coming back and eager for blood. This is a band with a clear vision and stellar execution. They've worked hard over the pandemic to craft one of the most impressive USPM releases I've heard in a good long while. Emotional, epic and wonderfully grandiose The Offering is a delight to listen too and a record that I think is going to encourage fans of the underground to keep coming back. 

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