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Thursday, February 10, 2022

In Aphelion - Moribund

Legends of the Swedish underground unite with In Aphelion, a project that sees the collaboration of half of Necrophobic with the drummer of Cryptosis in a ferocious assault that punishes listeners and leaves them gasping in their wake. This is underground metal done right, full of twisted black metal magic, borrowing liberally from the elements that made the scene great and consistently proving that these guys are among the best to ever do it. Their debut record Moribund may be an hour long, but it is as compelling as all get out and is guaranteed to keep devotees of the underground excited. 

There is a certainly bloodthirsty magic that has always helped to define In Aphelion and this record really feels like a continuation on that. There is a twisted magic to the vision behind this band and their execution on tracks like "Sorrow, Fire And Hate" is truly exciting. This is what underground metal was always meant to be about and it speaks to the depth of the music that these guys have such a level of bloodthirst and old school black metal ferocity to drive them forward. Moribund is a record that revels in crunching the skulls of its enemies and blazing forward in a storm of Swedish black metal riffs. It's melodic, fierce, and here for your throat. 

Moribund is a potent distillation of the magic of the Swedish underground. IT sees veterans of the scene working together to unleash devilish and powerful music that is guaranteed to capture the imagination and leave listeners begging for more. This is underground black metal done right, with a healthy respect for tradition, but with a modern band of hate. Getting lost in the blazing madness of what has been conjured up here is a delight. For those of us deeply invested in the world of Swedish black metal, there's nothing more you could want. 

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