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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Det eviga leendet - Reverence

Now this is a crusher. Amor Fati has unleashed yet another black metal gem upon us in collaboration with Mystiskaos and Extraconscious Records with Reverence the second full length from Det eviga leendet. This international collaboration featuring several black metal luminaries has impressed listeners since 2018, but Reverence is a new step forward. Their take on black metal is vicious and uncompromising. It's not the album to introduce someone to the genre but rather one that shows us a path through the mystic chaos (If you'll pardon the pun). 

There is a ferocious and consistent blaze that makes Reverence a compelling listen. It's a record that evokes northern darkness and which eagerly laps up the blood of the innocent. This is a metalheads metal record. An album enamored with its own bitterness and an overarching sense of evil that is going to keep you coming back. Simultaneously though there is something meditative about this record. It's an album you can get lost in and which rewards repeat listens as you find yourself wandering ever deeper into the unique hellscape that they have painted for us and leaves us ever more in awe of the magic that this band has conjured up. It's black metal done right, focused on leaving listeners changed from when they first pressed play. 

Det eviga leendet has proved with this album that they weren't just a one off destined to fade into obscurity. Instead this is an exciting and potent collaboration that leaves listeners excited for more as they continue to delve into the time wastes and seek to understand the darkness that drives this music. Reverence is a compelling black metal war cry and one that I think devout fans of the genre are going to commit themselves too fully. If you're looking for your latest distinctly modrn and bloodthirsty offering, then this is one to keep you up at night. 

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