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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - IV


Now this is a special one. Letting Up Despite Great Faults have been Austin shoegaze staples for years now, and their fourth album, IV comes after an eight year break. The end result is one of their most emotionally powerful offerings to date that will take you on a quiet and emotional journey through some of the darkest moments of your life. It's a record full of nostalgia and a gentle sort of sadness, allowing listeners to find healing as they are bathed in waves of gorgeous dream pop and reminded that the world is a beautiful place and they should be no longer afraid to die. 

There really is an elegant poetry to the melodic guitar lines that define a song like "Corners Pressed", the albums lead single. The sparkling playing makes it easy to get lost in the gentle poetry of this band and the quiet magic of the execution. This is a record that continually seems to hint at gorgeous new soundscapes and allows listeners to really get lost and take the time to immerse themselves. It's a record that really encourages multiple listens because for most listeners it just makes sense to really let yourself get lost in the simple beauty of what Letting Up Despite Great Faults are really trying to communicate here, and it's gorgeous. 

Letting Up Despite Great Faults are a one of a kind force in the underground. IV is an emotional journey and one that sees old masters coming back to prove once more that they are among the best to ever do it. This is a record that any shoegaze fan should really get lost in. It's a record worth many a long afternoon of pure and simple listening, reveling in the glory of the production and excited for more to come. If nothing else I think devout listeners will see this as an impetus to dig back into a stunning catalog. I certainly will.  

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