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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Helge - Neuroplasticity

This is an absolute killer. Helge have left me in awe with their crushing new record, Neuroplasticity a potent offering full of twisted visions and death defying compositions. Their take on ambient black metal is exciting and passionate, balancing moody guitars with blast beats and blazes in the northern sky. The occasional touches of clean vocals only add to the overarching magic of the record and really speak to the potency that this music can have when you really let it wash over you and guide you deeply into the abyss. It's triumphant. 

It's thrilling letting yourself get immersed in the vision of Neuroplasticity. This is a record that out and out sounds huge. There are some great dynamics at play here and the acoustic intro of the nearly twelve minute long epic "Venomous Breath" is a fitting counterpoint to the monstrous sounds of "Lack Of Serotonin". The end result is an introspective and aggressive black metal record that eagerly laps up the blood of its enemies. This is a record that understands its overarching vision and sweeps listeners up in it. Getting to be party to the madness is only another dose of the insanity that helps to make this such a compelling offering. 

Neuroplasticity is a crusher and a potent salvo from Helge. It shows their flexibility and vision as songwriters and really challenges listeners to understand the scope of what they have created. This is underground metal done right, with a clear bent towards the future and a lust for blood that makes it all the more compelling. Enjoy the bloodthirst that shapes this record and find your own bitter path forward. In a world gone mad, Neuroplasticity is a black metal triumph that will keep listeners coming back in awe.

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