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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Midwich Cuckoos - Death Or Glory

Now this is an interesting one! Midwich Cuckoos are a punk band who claim to be blasting punk rock Fleetwood Mac and honestly that feels pretty close to the truth. This is a band who unabashedly choose death or glory, who go faster than over the top and whose sound feels like a more polished Kvelertak. Pulling eagerly from the music of The Bronx, The Distillers and other melodic punk purveyors, Midwich Cuckoos have found a path that really speaks to them and is guaranteed to leave heavy rock lovers fascinated by what the band has conjured up. 

Most notable about Midwich Cuckoos of course is there use of 5 vocalists. It makes the songs shockingly dynamic and exciting. This is a fun one because of how spontaneous and over the top it can feel. It's a record that really speaks to its own internal magic and which seems to continually impress with the breadth of the compositions. There is a real sense of 2000s punk magic, and the high quality songwriting really keeps you engaged. It's a punchy and fun record that makes a potent statement about the genre and speaks to just how talented these guys are. When the multi part harmonies hit on a track like "Blood Mother" you gotta just scrape your jaw off the floor. It rules. 

Death Or Glory is a fun and exciting record that is going to keep die hards coming back and eager for more. This is a hard rocking punk record that devotees of the genre are going to have a ton of fun with. Yes, there are poppier elements and some of it is overtly bombastic, but honestly that's part of the fun. This is a band that feels big, and they know they want to be big. Expect to see them dominating European festival stages, because that's simply what this sound is, loud, proud and eager to leave listeners in awe.

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  1. sound review, very dynamic record and looking forward to seeing those festival stage appearances. No less than they absolutely deserve!