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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Unru - Die Wiederkehr Des Verdrangten


Now this is an impressive one. It's rare I find a black metal record that is genuinely and potently emotional, a record that speaks to the soul. That's what I've found in Unru, one of the latest submissions off of Babylon Doom Cult Records and an album which proves the diversity and excellence of the German black metal scene in 2022. This offering is an emotional and potent salvo that consistently speaks to the ongoing power of a band who understand the glory and beauty of underground music and will wrap you up in their arms. 

Die Wiederkehr Des Verdrangten is a thoughtful offering with lots of beautiful potent layers, and it speaks more to the quality of the production than anything else. This album consistently pushes the band to their limits, speaking to the thrill of the underground and driving devotees of this music to understand the glorious burning darkness of the genre. Unru have found a way to really capture the imagination on this album with a brand of post blac metal that is melodic and beautiful, but which still primarily uses screams and heavier guitar tones. It's post black metal that still pays heed to the 'black metal' part of the genre moniker. 

I adore getting lost in the darkness of Unru, and reveling in the twisted, heart rending magic of what they have crafted here. This is a band who took the lessons of Ulver, Alcest and Lantlos and distilled them into something that is wholly their own, powerful, emotional and gorgeous in its vision of a twisted and sorrowful black metal future. Let yourself get lost in the wreckage and love the darkness. It's coming for all of us and is going to leave you in awe of all that there is still to come from this band. As for now, Die Wiederkehr Des Verdrangten is a must listen for fans of modern black metal.

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