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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Abbath - Dread Reaver


Welp, the king is back. Abbath is here with is third solo record, Dread Reaver and it is easily his best offering to date. This is black metal executed at the highest level by a guy who understands the fundamental power of this music. Back with all his swagger, bloodthirst and general stomach churning magic, Abbath has proven once more that he is a master of black metal, stunning listeners of all stripes with some of the most cutting and bloodthirsty music the genre has to offer. This record is a blast, simple as that. 

Dread Reaver is a go for the throat force that expands upon the frostbitten black metal of Abbath's past and instead goes into something more driving, hard hitting and dare I say it, Motorhead influenced? It's a black metal band for the nerds, that leans into the more rock and roll aspects of the genre without becoming a full on black n' roll record. As songs like "The Deep Unbound" proudly showcase, Abbath can still conjure up a true black metal barnstormer when the situation calls for it. The end result is a record that is devastating, brutal, and a whole lot of fun. For those of us who have committed our lives to this music Abbath is among the best. 

This is a triumphant record, and an album that consistently proves just how talented Abbath is. Dread Reaver goes for the throat every step of the way. Abbath has gone above and beyond on this album, unleashing some of his sickest material in years, stunning with a diverse vocal performance and shredding faces off left and right. Join me in reveling in the madness, it's exactly what Abbath would want. This is a lord of black metal come to earth to beat us all over the head with riffs. You might as well join the fray. 

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