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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Golgothan Remains - Adorned In Ruin


Now this is a skull cracker. Golgothan Remains are the latest band to be released by Bay Area powerhouse Sentient Ruin, a label who proudly stand as one of the best in the underground today. Their new record, Adorned In Ruin is nine tracks of gloriously evil, chugging death metal fury designed to crack listeners skulls and leave them begging for more. It's death metal done right, with a vision for a twisted future and a high powered hate that is going to keep listeners delving in ever deeper into the bleak vision that they've laid out for us. 

Adorned In Ruin impresses because of the punishing ferocity of the compositions. Golgothan Remains understand the inherent evil of death metal and what it takes to spin out unrelenting chugging abuse straight from the crypt. It's what makes the genre so compelling in the first place, the sort of thing that is going to keep you headbanging and gurgling blood. But Golgothan Remains are so much more than that. There is almost a Lovecraftian bent to the music, with tracks like "...Of Morbid Blood And Serpent Skins" hinting at a broader thematic universe that these guys are tapped into. It's bombastic and powerful, and when the clean vocals hit on "Void II: Towards The Joyless Elysium" it becomes clear how special this band is. 

When it comes down to it, Golgothan Remains are here to crack your skull in and make you gasp for air. Adorned In Ruin is a punishingly heavy record that leans deeply into barked vocals and pummelling guitars. It may not be focused on moving the needle, but that's because it doesn't have too. This is an Australian death metal force to rip out throats and leave the weak in tears. If you're looking to get your skull cracked in, then press play, because Golgothan Remains are servants to a darker power.

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