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Monday, March 7, 2022

Archgoat - All Christianity Ends

The Finnish kings of black metal, Archgoat are back! It's always a delight to hear from the master, and their latest war cry, the 4 track EP, All Christianity Ends is as masterful as anything they have done in a good long time. It's truly thrilling to turn the bitter hatred of this offering all the way up and to get lost in the bitter magic of one of the finest black metal bands to ever walk the earth. This is go for the throat and unapologetic black metal. Black metal to make you face your doom and which will continuously leave listeners in awe of the misery to come 

It's a blast to turn this record all the way up and to immerse yourself in the hateful blast beats and unapologetic bloodthirst that shapes All Christianity Ends. The blazing assault of a track like "The Semen of Anti Mastery" (Helluva song name too!) is stunning and speaks to the enduring power of this band. Lord Angelslayer's trademark gurgle rides on top of a blazing rhythm section and captures the imagination with the hellish darkness he seems to so eagerly unveil. This is black metal done with a desire to end lives. Their blasphemous indignation impressive, and the way that this builds on their last full length, Worship The Eternal Darkness simply makes sense. 

There is a truly twisted vision that keeps All Christianity Ends vibrant and exciting. It's a record that is unapologetic in its hatred for mankinds perceived flaws and which will endlessly lap up the blood of false gods. The open prayers to Lucifer and eerie keyboards only add to the grandiose atmosphere. This is black metal done right, with a vision of a bleak past and a guarantee that they will come out and stun listeners of all stripes. Turn it all the way up, because Archgoat is once more coming, and they remain the stuff of nightmares. 

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