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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Hell Militia - Hollow Void


After a decade away, the masters in Hell Militia are back. With a new pandemic delayed record that has been four years in the making, Hollow Void proves that Hell Militia remain among the best to ever do it. These French underground masters have been revitalized since their last appearance on record a decade ago and in that time have foudn a new way forward, proving once more that they are masters of classic black metal sounds and blacker than black imagery that leaves tormented souls begging for air. This is the genre done right.

Hollow Void is a crusher, any way you slice it. Letting yourself get lost in the myriad demented layers that the band has laid out is exciting and it's a thrill to really find yourself getting lost in the monochromatic magic of this band. While they may not be reinventing the wheel, they do a damn good job of executing very high level second wave black metal and consistently proving that they are a one of a kind force in the genre. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in this misery and find new layers of the darkness that haunts us all. This is an album that understands the inherent power of black metal , and with hateful anthems guides listeners to the pit. 

Hell Militia are masters of the craft and their understanding of classic black metal tropes is admirable. This is the genre executed at the highest level and designed to thrill listeners. Letting yourself get immersed in these layers is far too much fun and speaks to just how talented they are. It's gloriously blasphemous classic feeling black metal that I think any long term fan of the genre is really going to embrace. Join me in raising the horns and falling in love all over again with a band who took a decade to put out their finest work.

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