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Friday, March 4, 2022

Necrom - All Paths Are Left Here...

Well this is fucking sick. All Paths Are Left Here... is the thrilling new record from the one and only Necrom, death metal masters who feast on the fetid corpse of the underground. IT's a delight to hear the mastery of underground artists at their finest with chugging guitars, angular playing, top tier growls and an overarching sense that, these guys woud lrip out your throat if they had too. This is eath metal the way it was meant to be, loud, proud and honestly a little bit scary. And I kind of love it ofr that, that's why I got into this after all. 

Necrom impress on this record because of the level of crushing swagger they deliver. This is death metal done by guys who know exactly what makes the genre special, unadulterated bloodthirst. The riffs are monolithic and impenetrable, just crushing assaults against a god who failed. Yet there is also something more grandiose and epic about the band that helps set them even further apart. The ferocious guitar attack on a track like "The Light Has Never Been Here" (And c'mon - helluva song title) is a blast and the sort of thing that is guaranteed to drag listeners deep into the depths of hell. It's death metal done with a desire to kill. 

All Paths Are Left Here... is a sick death metal album name, but also a record that generally will impress even jaded fans. This is one of the most exciting, straight to the gut death metal records that I've gotten to spend time with this year and every layer deeper that I gaze into this Lovecraftian abyss is another layer that I am enamored with what Necrom have done. It's such a delight experiencing death metal executed at the highest levels and Necrom understand this. Join me in raising your horns to the demented magic within. 

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