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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Assumption - Hadean Tides

Assumption are an Italian death doom band I just discovered this morning thanks to Sentient Ruin, one of my favorite labels going today. Their new record, Hadean Tides is an absolute crusher, a record that revels in its dynamic diversity and which eagerly crushes listeners to dust. There is an overarching addiction to volume that helps to make this such a compelling offering and the deeper you dive into the magic of this offering the more you see just how good this band are. They've taken classic death doom tropes, turned them on their head and come out with something greater. 

See, while Assumption certainly do feature a variety of classic death doom elements on Hadean Tides they also eagerly lean into a whole bunch more interesting stuff. There are psychedelic and spoken word elements here that color tracks like "Triptych". Meanwhile ambient bridges serve to really immerse the listener in the bands distinct soundworld and come to understand what exactly sets them apart in the world of skull cracking metal. There is a transcendent darkness that fuels the power and potency of Assumption and it bleeds all across their music. 

Hadean Tides is a potent offering. Though at times it feels like it could be trimmed down a bit, it is after all a doom record, and the immersion is such a huge part of the concept. All this being said, Assumption have gone above and beyond to make this latest offering a special one and to capture the imagination of death doom fans. This is a record that pushes the band to new heights and hints at how much more could be possible for these cats. There's a few singles out already so give 'em a spin and pre-order before the May 20th release!

Pre-order the album!

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