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Friday, April 29, 2022

Shadow's Mortuary - Unohdettu Maa

Unohdettu Maa is the third record from Finnish black metal stormtroopers Shadow's Mortuary. It's a crushing offering and one that revels in its own sense of bloodthirst. When it comes down to it this is what black metal is supposed to be about and it's a blast to hear Shadow's Mortuary raging through these hate anthems at a million miles an hour. This is black metal done right, with lots of gnashing of teeth and an overarching sense that the world is going to be coming apart at the seams no matter what you do right or wrong. 

The relentless blasting and tremolo picked guitars conjure up images of a frozen, blasted northern waste. Unohdettu Maa revels in its darkness and the high powered hatred that fuels their music. The burning fight of their music is mesmerizing and the deeper you get lost in it the closer you get to the bloody heart of Finnish black metal. Shadow's Mortuary understand the twisted vision of earth that the genre presents and the creepy, in your face torment that this record executes so well is delicious and speaks to a bleak reality. It's a delight to get lost in the myriad waves of this record and the way that it just enshrouds you in the blackness. 

Shadow's Mortuary have proven with this third record that they are among the best to be doing it in Finland right now. It's another expertly curated pick from the always excellent Purity Through Fire label and a release that I think die hard fans of the underground are going to get ever deeper entranced with. It's black metal executed at high volumes and with no mercy, it's a delight to experience the darkness. Join me in reveling in their passionately blasphemous and dismal visions, you will get lost in the bombast. 

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