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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Coma Hole - S/T

Coma Hole have finally released their long await debut, also titled Coma Hole. This is a potent little slab of stoner doom magic, and while the duo are still finding their sea legs, it's certainly an offering that speaks to the potential the band has. I'll be honest, I first dug into this record because I was so deeply enamored with frontwoman Eryka Fir's solo debut. Coma Hole sees the brilliant songstress in a band format, and while the record is certainly very very good, I won't lie, it does feel like her prodigious talents are bit limited here. 

This all being said, Coma Hole is a helluva record. It's an album that even with just a bass and drum manages to be more emotionally expressive and sonically interesting than the vast majority of the stoner rock underground. A lot of this is due to the athletic bass performance from Eryka Fir. However, drummer Steve Anderson does an excellent job with some truly colorful playing. He fills in a lot of the space and together this unit makes for a surprisingly full and engaging sound. Normally bass-drum duos in the stoner world tend to try to crush you with heaviness. Coma Hole seem more focused on acting like a traditional rock oriented band and cracking skulls throughout. 

Coma Hole is a potent offering and one that I think fans of the underground are going to be enamored with. Eryka Fir's vocals are truly extraordinary and there is clearly a lot of talent there to still be pushed to new heights. Meanwhile the tight knit bass and drums makes for some top tier listening. While the songwriting can still be tightened and this release doesn't approach the art doom heights of Eryka's solo stuff, this is an impressive offering and one that fans of the genre are going to find themselves constantly revisiting. 

Grab it off Bandcamp!

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