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Friday, April 22, 2022

I Am The Night - While The Gods Are Sleeping


I Am The Night is something of a Finnish metal supergroup featuring members of Bodom After Midnight, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum and Horizon Ignited. Their debut offering, While The Gods Are Sleeping is a  potent record to say the least, classic second wave black metal to put your hair on edge. While this is certainly a Finnish band, I Am The Night tend to borrow more from the Norwegian scene, citing bands like Emperor and Mayhem as key influences, and I'm not gonna lie - those influences bleed through all across this record. Fortunately, those influences fucking rule. 

While The Gods Are Sleeping is a stone cold stunner of an album, a record that shines on every level. It showcases the band executing on a very high level with a deep understanding of what makes black metal so vibrant. It's a record full of bombast and clarity of vision that is guaranteed to make even the most jaded black metal fans nod their heads in appreciation. Sure, the keyboards might feel a bit over the top and there are certainly more than a few prog frills, but as a general rule, While The Gods Are Sleeping is a distinctly delicious offering and one that really consistently proves just how special I Am The Night are as a band. 

A lot of these cool pandemic projects feel like things that, for better or for worse, might not really exist in a few years, but I for one am desperately hoping for a follow up to this. This is a loving tribute to so many of the bands who helped to shape the black metal scene and it's a delight to hear the guys execute on something that they are so clearly so excited about. While The Gods Are Sleeping is a triumphant offering and letting yourself get immersed in their unique brand of black metal holocaust is one that should not be taken lately.

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