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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Haserot - Throne Of Malice

Haserot are a death metal band form Houston who will crack your fucking skull open. Signed to Redefining Darkness I've quickly been impressed by the gut wrenching insanity that these guys lay out on their new EP, Throne Of Malice. First and foremost - this record has sick art. No other way around it. This is an album that immediately lets you know what you're going to get. From the opening bars of "Forging The Ossuary" it's clear that this is old school, 90s worshipping death metal that is here to crack your skull and make you suffer. 

There's something twisted and delightful about the balls out assault that is Throne Of Malice. Not only that, but this is a death metal record that sounds great. It's polished, but in a way that instantly captures the imagination, dragging listeners into strange and demented soundscapes, rather than seeming like flavor of the month death metal you see opening on mediocre metal bills. Haserot clearly understand what makes a good death metal record and the throat ripping blood thirst that defines Throne Of Malice is delightful to really let yourself get immersed in. It's a record that, while it bears few surprises, certainly manages to impress death metal fans. 

Suffice it to say - I'm genuinely impressed. Many of the guys on this record were previously known in bands in dramatically different genres (Namely stoner rockers Blues Funeral and Doomstress) so hearing them pull together something so different and so fucking rad that it's hard not to be excited about what's happening here. In terms of the new wave of old school death metal, as clunky as that moniker may be, Haserot are masters and hearing them lay it down on Throne Of Malice is a privilege and one I hope to have many more times in the future.

Pre-order the album!


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