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Friday, April 1, 2022

Haunter - Disincarnate Ails


Haunter are a progressive blackened death metal force. They are a band who have long operated at the peak of extremity, who build on some of the most twisted sides of the genre and continually unveil raw darkness. This new offering is a huge step forward for them, building on their previous thoughtful offerings to craft what is their best work yet. This is a very dense and immersive record, an album that underground metal nerds the world over are goign to fall in love with as they attempt to wrap their heads around some truly twisted visions. 

Disincarnate Ails impresses because how densely packed everything is. Even though the three songs on this record splay out over roughly thirty minutes, the songs are loaded with information, complex structures and some truly impressive musicianship. Yet, the band never loses the more extreme side of their music. They continually remain firmly rooted in death metal rather than becoming just a prog nerd band. The ned result is a record that sucks you in, but which really can only be taken one listen at a time. It demands a lot from the fan, but sometimes those are the best albums, the ones that force us to think and really bend the knee in honor of a well thought out and gloriously executed offering. 

This record is a crusher any way you slice it. It has a very real swagger and a sense that Haunter are going to choke you out. It's such a delight to get really lost in the twisted myriad layers of this album and to experience the strange sonic torment that they have unleashed. Disincarnate Ails is clearly the next step in death metal. It's important to let yourself get immersed in this because I get the impression this record is going to end up being highly influential on a lot of very smart bands for years to come. 

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